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I always have a thing for something related to sleep. Like a cute pajamas and pillow mist and things.. I don't know why, really. Even my sister made a joke of me every time we go shopping, she made comment about my addiction to buy sleepwear. Hemm, maybe because It just an excuse for me to shop.  Hehe!

Well, I love pillow mist! I used to wear pillow mist from The Body Shop because it smells sooooo dreamy, And I love the packaging. Sadly,The Body Shop has discontinued the product. But some people said it can be find online from overseas, but all I know this product is discontinued from all The Body Shop out there. But then I began to look for substitute. 

Then I came across Bath & Body Works, and realize they have Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lavender Chamomile Sleep Pillow MistWhy not give it a try? Then I did. A mix of lavender and chamomile said to be relaxing and soothing, That's why mostly the ingredients for pillow mist are include those two. However, I don't really like the smells, it a little bit too strong for me, and strangely, a little bit manly. But, after a while, I get used to it so it's not a problem anymore. But maybe, for the first timer, it will be.

Other that pillow mist, I bought another two, My Favorite Night Balm lip treatment and Lavender Vanilla Body Wash & Foam Bath in a small bottle from the sleeping collection. The night balm is very soothing with Shea butter that promise an overnight  treatment for your lips that moisturize and nourish it for 8 hours. I can say I really like this one. It made my lips moist when I woke up in the morning. 

And for the body wash, it smells similar to it pillow mist and its's like taking a bath with another perfumery body wash. And I'm not a fan of perfumery body wash. But that's okay, it good to complete the sleeping collection.

Overall, I satisfy enough with these products just because I love the collection. Maybe I will completing my Bath & Body Works sleeping collection. Recommended!

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  1. I have the same case with you, maybe I should try those products they look great :)

  2. cute! most people i know just love sleeping, but not buying-sleeping-related-stuffs kinda love. so this is an interesting review! i think i'll give that pillow mist a try <3

    1. Hehe! I know right, kinda weird but I like to shop so.. excuse esxcuse! haha..