Book Review: The Mountain Is You

by - 5:15 PM

Transforming Self-sabotage into self-mastery

Well you know now what this book is about. Yes, how we sabotage our life without even realising it.
This time I will wrote this book review in english so some of my friends who didn't speak Bahasa will understand hehe

This is the second book by Brianna Wiest that I've read.
I think for most part this book is quite handy to read, easy to absorb, and put it into action.
Well, easy if you really wanted to, otherwise, hard than you can imagine.

Brianna writing always very to the point, which that what we need from a book like this, so we can just put it into practice from whatever written. I will say this book give myself point of view about my life. About how I keep some things  left "untouched" and made it into a "mountain" that made myself even harder to reach to the opposite side.

I think, you, yes, everyone will mumbling something "oh well, that's me. that's what I do." when reading this book. Haha
Because sometimes you need other people to say it to you so you will realising things.

There are some words that got me on the book, such as;

This moment is not my life. It is a moment in my life.
How often you feel you have miserable life just because you experience something miserable moment in your life? Well, that's a word we need to remind ourselves when it happen, isn't it?

I think that's a powerful word to live by. 

Stop meditating to feel calm, start mediation to just feel.
THIS. Feel whatever you feel in that moment. Then you can flow, and move forward from there.

I won't tell you anything more, you just need to read it yourself. Anyway this book is one to keep.

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