Respect your skin with Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

by - 11:15 AM

In the celebration of 25 years of Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, I feel so lucky to get one of their product in limited design of the celebration from @ClozetteId & @bioderma_indonesia.

I, myself, is a loyal user of Sensibio H2O micellar water for years. The smooth water that feels really light as a real water is very much comfort me and help clear out make up and dirt in one swap. Also, it's not oily, or sticky or left any uncomfortable dryness on the skin.

For me, as a mother of one, wife, and also freelance and part time workers here and there, my active life is something that I cannot avoid. And as a skincare fanatics it's easy for me to try and use any kind of skincare for my reviews. But, honestly, I only stick with product that give my skin some kind of relief. Because of course, as a skincare reviewer I do put lots of product to my skin.

With Sensibio H20 I found some assurance that with one wipe, it put away the dirt and make up or anything that left in my skin, is refreshing and safe. I found their Micellar Water helping me thru my active life as woman with so many task outside and at home. We definitely need to choose a good product, something to respect our skin after all. And that's why Sensibio H2O is and always side by side of woman, to accompanied them in their active and meaningful life.

Another one, if you haven't try Bioderma Sesibio Tonique, it's definitely worth to try. It have a water based texture, easily absorb, hydrating, refreshin, and moist your skin. It's the kind of moist that doesn't feel sticky and too much. It's feels sooo good to give this toner a compliment to my skincare regime.

So, have you try Bioderma sensabio H2O Micellar Water? please do if you haven't (but i doubt it). It's wort to respect your skin from now on. You must get one of Bioderma Sensabio H2O micellar water product with their 25th limited edition design! Hurry! :)

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