[REVIEW] Rollover-Reaction Face Mist

by - 10:30 AM


Back again, this time I want to do quick review on facial spray from our own local brand. Of course you'all know about Rollover-Reaction right? yes, it's the same brand who do lipstick kind of thing. I just found out recently that they launch few skincare range including this facial mist.

First thing first, the packaging it's oh-so-cute. Hehehe, with pastel / pink color that match the water inside the bottle. Of course I wanna try! With Rp.125.000 for this 105ml face mist I think quite fair.

From the from bottle it writes; Aloe vera, oat, rose. Those ingredients seems promising and feel pretty, I don't know why, but rose makes it sound romantic. :D

It also stamp dermatologically tested, which is suits people with sensitive skin. What I like about it at the first time I spray all over my face is this beautiful scent. Hemm. It refreshing, but at the same time have this good an uplifting scent.

This being said can be used under and over makeup to keep you hydrated. But I usually only using it on my bare face. It's not sticky, it dry fas, but I feel it quite hydrates my skin, so sometimes I skip my moisturiser in the morning after using it.

What can I say after using it for approximately 4 weeks? Recommended for you who wants some refreshment during the day (spray it ver your make up no problem!).

Note for mommies:
I still breastfeed my son and so far it's A-okay to wear this facial mist.
Please seek further info to your DSA if uncertain.
(check all ingredients before buy/use)

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