[REVIEW] Mizon only one eye cream for face

by - 5:21 PM


I recently try this Korean brand just because I think I have an urge to find a good eye cream for mine. You know, as a young mom, I still keep up with lack of sleep caused by my son hahaha. But well I get used it tho!

Anyway, this Mizon eye cream stated that it can be used for face cream as well. I read somewhere about it too, and it being said very good to treat eye bag as well as good for your face.

First thing first, I love the color of the packaging. :D Pink with a shades of pastel. Of course, helooo please be honest, sometimes you buy some product because their outlook is cute or pretty, isn't it? You are not alone. Everyone does haha. Second, the cream is extremely light, creamy but not sticky, also nothing weird with the smells like any other cream per-usual.

I use it only for below my eye, day and night for almost a month. And turns out it did okay. Not so much as it makes my eye without eye bag (well yeah I still didn't get 8 hours of sleep everyday) but it slightly reduce the fine line on it. Also, I don't really comfortable wearing it all in my face. Because I don't think it really works as a moisturiser (I tried it three times) or maybe because I am a kind of person who needed a skincare differently for anything hahaha

But overall, it was okay, but not spectacular or anything but it did reducing a fine line below your eyes that caused by the eye bag. Which is the focus of an eye cream too is it? Try it yourself!

Till next time,

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