[FASHION] The Pvc Bag

by - 12:03 PM

You know, PVC bag or plastic bag, or transparent bag whatever they people called it, I am really into it. No, not because it just the trend and so hot right now, but the addiction actually came since years ago. And when Chanel made the famous Coco Splash Bag in their Spring 2018 runway, I just fall in love all over again!

I even manage to catch one of the Coco Splash Flap bag myself. I know, I know, I know... it's a splurge, and many people argue with me because I bought a 'plastic bag' for quite expensive. But, not one, two, or three complimented my bag when I use it. And I keep tell them that "hey it lining with lamb skin per Chanel usual! So, worth it! :p

Also, I have others bag, in many forms, without the brand too. Because why not? I just cannot stand myself for some transparency bag. Hehehe... I think these below just some of my fave.

Till next post,

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