[REVIEW] Essano Body Wash : Natural Plant Based

by - 5:04 PM

You know, I always love a good body care product, especially if it comes with natural scent and ingredients. I tend to try as many product out there to find my perfect one. hehe, I enjoy a good bath if I use a good product so it's a good excuse to bought as many body wash I can :)

This Essano Body Wash is one of my fave. Not just because it's natural with good natural ingredients, but because it have a good smells and good on my skin. I was once tried their Manuka Honey Body Wash before, and I fall in love at the first wash! That's why I bought it for a second time but this time I bought it out the Coconut oil scent which is better.

I once know Essano from one of Beauty bloggers from Australia who show off her Essano skincare (for face) and I too, try their range of skincare but to be honest, I likes their body care better. This body wash is a kind of soap wash who left their good and sweet scented after bath. Which is who doesn't want a good scent linger after a while? I know you want it too ;)

What good about Essano, I mean in general their brand is promoting a "Natural Plant Based" for their whole range of skincare and body care. Also, it dermatologically tested, and great for people who have sensitive skin. Essano is a very popular brand in Australia but actually is produced and came from Auckland, New Zealand.

This body wash is come pretty affordable actually for 445 ml. It's only AU$9.99 or equal to a hundred something in rupiah. Well, if you can snatch this one, I recommend you try it and you will love it, definitely!

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