[THOUGHT] It's been a while...

by - 7:28 PM

You know, It's been a while not to write in here. I got lost of times since the arrival of my Bub, which he's a year older now. Got better, so hang in there new mama! There will be time when you can (at least) take a seat back. Oh yeah, probably just few minutes and you need to roll again (ie. Breastfeed, or catching up with them who actively crawl, walk, run and so much more that you start to think of how much energy they have! LOL)

I have just finished read a book called Influencer by It got me thinking how important Blog is for a blogger (yeah me) and by the time I finish read the book, I have lost few project because I haven't blog like Idk how long. And also because I kinda revamping my blog, change the theme, put, delete thing, here and there... and so on.

So, I think yeah, yeah I'm back again and of course I miss writing. Even just write in my own blog. I recently quit my freelance writer job in one of lifestyle media and started a part-time job as content creator for one of parenting Instagram channel. I know, just in time to put my thoughts and experiences as a new mom. hehehe

Still juggling between time to keep up with my baby who now can run, jump, and climb outside of his safety playground fence at home (the other day he got almost hit the floor again. ouch)

Oh, uh, let's talk and update more into next blog post shall we? Time to play with the Bub, he try to caught my attention by push the keyboard all over again while I write here. Type, delete, type *&@&@%@(*@...  <--- It's what he did. lol

Key till next post

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