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I was lucky enough that For Skin Sake send this 'X' Serum as one of their 30 people to get the sample on. 

Here are a bit about X:

  • It helps with dead skin exfoliant
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Dullness
  • Collagen production
'X' is a chemical exfoliant that target the "glue" between skin cells to make it easier for the dead cells to be released. It stated on their information brochure that this X is best for Normal to dry skin and to be use at night. Also because it may cause photosensitivity and need to avoid direct sunlight when using it, yeah of course this one if for night using and we only have moon at night so no need to worry about the direct sunlight. lol ok not funny. :D

Sooooo, after using this X for 30 nights, here is my review:

It has a pretty strong smells, which I kind of expect about the serum. But it textured so light,, more like watery rather than thick like any other serum based. I also expect some 'ouch' moment when I first time put it in my skin, because it says on the bottle about burning sensation or painful, I thought "wow I kinda scared to try this one", but turns out it's all fine. I just rinse off my wet face, then put this serum on my skin before sleep, and nothing really painful, just a little 'ow' moment, like a tingling and it just a bit anyway...

For my oily skin this serum didn't make any more oily than before. I even feel this a type of serum who absorbs quickly into your skin, so nothing to worry about you who have oily type of skin. There also a careful not if maybe using this can cause redness or flakiness for the first time user, but I do not have experience that, thankfully. It maybe because I don't have a sensitive issue with my skin, you know I almost changing my skincare like every week hahaha It's helps me tho to easily use and review something like this. Yeayy cheers to my skin! hahaha

So my thought about this product is: you can try. Just take a little at first to see is there any redness or irritation cause. After using it for 30 nights? I have a clearer skin, there's not too much of blackheads on my nose (because I have problem with it), so I'm happy :) 
Head to @forskinsake to know more about this X.

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