[EVENT REPORT & REVIEW] Avene + Treatment on Bamed Skincare

by - 12:47 PM

When I got invited to Avene & Bamed Skincare event from Clozette I feel so happy because I am a loyal user of Avenue since long time ago. Start from my mom who always use their face spray, then from there, me and my sister follow her step.

On the event, we all learn about our skin and how to treat them well from Dr. from Bamed Skincare. It combines a good product from Avenue to skin solution on Bamed Skincare to make your skin even better.

Once the event finish, we all got a little surprise, which is a voucher for treatment from Bamed! I am so excited because I always wanted to try this famous skin center. And this time I got it for free hehe so happy!

After making appointment, I came on Wednesday and need to wait almost an hour to meet the specialist there in Bamed Skincare at Dharmawangsa Square. Once I met Dr. Radityo Anugrah, they asked me about what my skin type is, what I actually want from this treatment, and how my skin care routines are these days. As I am pregnant, I feel worries at first about the treatment. Is it fine?

Well, it is. They will adjust the treatment to be safe for pregnant lady. Fiuh! My treatment are consist with three things and it's called Combination Rejuvination Treatment (CRT). But because I'm pregnant the treatment can only be done in two things.

#1st: Mikrodermabrasi Athena. This one is important to clean up my face and to get rid of blackheads using some tools that I can't really explain, but no need to worry it isn't hurt it just feel weird.

#2nd: Called chemical peeling. This can only be done by the doctor itself, so yeah, it's safe.

After those treatment, I do really feel the different! The blackheads are gone and I have a smoother skin. It was such a pleasure treatment and I think I will be back to Bamed Skincare soon. :D

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