[THOUGHT] Pregnancy Week #7

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Ugh, I need help with the nausea!
That's my problem most of the time since week 5 or since I knew that I get pregnant. Eeven know when writing this I'm in a middle of headache and nausea. But I need to battle it down or else became unproductive like these 2 past weeks.
Hemm some people who read my blog here probably wonder what I do to get rid of the nausea without take the medicine. here are few tips (but it's not really helping, it just make it down for a while, yeah I know!)

1. Drink water with lemon / lime. This helps because the water taste bitter without it.
2. Eat fresh fruit. I always bring orange wherever I go to chew or just to get a fresh sniff out of it.
3. Nibble crackers all the way. This to avoid hungry stomach because thats whats makes pregnant woman nausea sometimes.

And.... I need more, so can you let me know how to cure my nausea for this 1st trimester? I really need it. fiuh...

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  1. Wow, congratulations on ur pregnancy! Didn't know it before. I hope both you and the baby are healthy<3 sorry can't help with the nausea, I've never been pregnant before hihihi