[HACKS] Easy Pack for Traveling

by - 5:30 PM


Finally I will get my early holiday tomorrow! After cities in Indonesia,  now time to explore some country that I never been to.

Talking about traveling, you will of course cannot pass the packing time. It is indeed stressful, because sometimes you want to bring many, but in a side note, you want to go light. Back then, I always bring things that I ended up not using or wearing, so by the years I learn to 'throw away' the thing that I don't really need for my travel.

So, what most important thing to remember to keep it light?

1. Mix and match at it best. Okay, you want to take as many as OOTD's but you can't bring all your shoes, and the heavy jacket (if you go somewhere wintry), well... show off your skills and style your BASIC and two COMPLIMENT colors for and outfit, and NEUTRAL for shoes and bags.

2. Toiletries & Medicine. If you stay in a hotel, you will get towel and toothbrush, and a hair dryer soooo put it all back to your drawer at home. Bring only something necessary, such as your personal skin care and medicine.

3. Always true too yourself. Sometimes, you still argue inside, to bring that killer heels even though you don't have any plan to go to any formal event there.

Just remember, what matter is to have fun and not to worry much about what you're bring because hello, it's your holiday!  (I tried to tell it to myself) hahaha...



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