[THOUGHT] They Read

by - 7:30 PM

Everyone knows that Pinterest is a go-to for some inspiration. Once, back when I was working in a magazine, I need to do an article about how successful people unwind, or what they actually do before sleep that affect their attitude the next day.

And I found lots and lots article about the good habit from Anna Wintour and any other successful people. The one thing that caught my attention is the fact that those people are read before bed.

They put down the phone, disconnected from internet (Instagram! I know!) And, they wake up fresh the next day.

Way...before I know about it, reading is just a 'before sleep habit' of mine.but hello! It's actually good. I'm not waking up with tired eyes because I'm not glued my eyes to the screen (phone, ipad, laptop, whatsoever).

Now, I make this habit strictly than before. I unplug from the internet (sorry for the Whatsapp chat that I don't reply past 10 pm haha!) and read a book for at least 5 minutes before bed. It could be everything, fiction or else, doesn't matter. So, why not? :

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