So... I wear blue

by - 8:00 PM

The title says it all. People who know me will get surprise by this, well when you get dress up in monochrome every other day you will get a bunch of amazement of reaction from people around. Haha!

Last Saturday I went to lunch with family in laws, and decided to wear something else for a day. I am too, just bought a cutie checkered pastel top from Indonesian local brand called Dot.Dtails a week before, so I match it with blue pants that rarely worn from Topshop, a baby blue heels from Somewhere I forgot, and silver clutch from Zara that I bought second hand for only IDR 100k on Tinkerlust! Yap, that was a bargain wohoo!

Anyway, So here I am with the whole outfit. I posted in earlier on the weekend on Instagram and get awe by the compliments and likes. I decided, to get more of pastelish blue on my closet.

Till next time,



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