Kylie Jenner Pout?

by - 3:30 PM

Girls these days are obsess over Kylie Jenner pout. The natural-kinda brown lips color in which Kylie look sexy is the one that every girls want right now. Before Kylie herself launches her Kylielipkit, there are lot of debate of which brand Kylie actually wears for her lip.

And in one of interview, one of her sister revealed that she wears MAC lipstick and lip liner. However, before that explanation, this Gerard lipstick is famously known as Kylie Jenner lipstick color. So, is this good?

If you’re one of ladies that crazy over Kylie pout color, this lipstick from Gerard in 1995 is definitely have a good packaging in gold. It looks super luxurious and expensive. Also, it’s very light weighted in compare to usual lipstick.

And the color is gorgeous, very natural especially in a warmed tone skin. But is it exactly like Kylie Jenner lipstick color? Well, kind of. The only bad side of this product is this isn’t the long wear all day lipstick type. I need to use it again even after a cup of coffee.

The colors really fit in my skin tone, and I really love the packaging. But for $19 and not being a long-wear lipstick type? I feels like losing my money a bit.

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