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I begin to blog again. Back in blogspot just like years ago. For the first post here I want to tell a story about My travel to Bromo in East Java, Indonesia.
From the sunrise viewpoint
On the long weekend 24th September 2015 after doing Idul Adha prayer and take a rest for while at home, I'm ready Myself for my Bromo trip. I went off with 7 other people, my boyfriend, 1 best-friend, and 2 other friends of my boyfriend, and 3 friends of his friend. Okay, It's kinda like an open trip like everyone join in and barely know each other. But turns out, everybody is friendly so get-a long is easy.

We took a flight to Surabaya rather than straight to Malang as it is way more cheaper. Then a driver from our tour called Jelajahnesia tour, pick us up and off we go to the Homestay, in which located near the Bromo itself. Anyway, more info about the tour is at the end of my post. And again, it's better to book the tour before you there, it's cheaper and make sure you can go as it could be fully booked on weekend.

At 2.30 am, we all ready to ride with the Jeep, as the only proper way to go there is with a jeep that having a maximum 7 people with the driver itself. So we decided to divided 4 people on each jeep. We talked a little bit with the friendly driver while he drove the jeep through the sand and the unstable path, you can imagine all dark and the unstable road is kinda worrying. For Me.

After around 15 to 20 minutes drive, the road ahead is blocked with so many jeep. It's traffic all the way up to the sunrise point. We then need to walk for almost 2 km in super chilly weather with many other tourist. Around 3 am, cold and need to hike all the way up. Okay.

What make it worse are so many motorcycle offering 'ojek' and their pollute is so pretty annoying. Note for you who wants to go there: Don't forget to bring mask. Please!
The 'ojek' itself will force you to go with them and charge for around 10.000 to 15.000 rupiah. It's cheap but again, if you're in a good shape, walk is better as it will warmed your body through.

When we finally come on top, there are lots and lots of tourist already there. It's crowded so we need to find strategic space to see the sun rise. And we did. Well, not everyone but Me at least. Hehe..

Before the sunrise, see that crowd?

Me & My bestfriend

And boy! It was magnificent. The sun starting to set to rise and the mount is clearly visible. I cannot stop to take pictures of myself with the background of the mountain, and all. At 5 am the sun already set, it's more like 7 am in Jakarta.

After that, we walk down the hill on the way to our jeep again, before that we set our-self with some hot tea, coffee, and some grilled spicy corn in the near stall. So many 'warung' there offer hot drinks and many people take a break for a while sitting in most of the stall.

We had  more places to visit around Bromo; Pasir Berbisik, Bukit Teletubbies (yeah right! It because the hills similar to where lala and friends lived), Savanah, the dessert and the place where we can ride with a horse. As I am an animal lover I kinda sad to see the horses, they look lifeless to Me.Or maybe it just Me? Well, I don't know if they treat them right, or it is just Me who always worried about animal being used for one man's interest.

Pasir berbisik

Me & Our Jeep

At the dessert

My boyfriend with the horse

Anyway... the tour's include Madakaripura Waterfall. It's located not so far away from Bromo. But first we went back to our Homestay to breakfast, take a shower and check out. Then off we go there. Tips for you when going there; Bring your own 'sandal jepit' or hiking sandal as it is quite slippery walk there. Of course you can get the sandal there, many sell it quite cheap.

And you will need to use the raincoat, again many people sell it, BUT, I find out, there are also raincoat for rent just before you step in to the waterfall area inside. Whatever your choose is, at the end of the trip, those people will ask for your raincoat! I bought mine 15.000 rupiah for two coat, and you know, I guess the "all new" raincoat is not actually new at all. They just clean it up ad sell to other people in the front gate again. Tricky right?

Part of Madakaripura

Some of Us
After all, the trip was beyond awesome. The scenery is all Instagram worthy. Te-hee! :D

The tour, Jelajahnesia, is very recommended! I guess if you can go with minimum 6 people, it will be cheaper. Me and My friends each paid 550.000 rupiah. The Homestay is very clean and the TV has an international chanel, hot water on bathroom and 4 bedroom home for Me and My friend as we are all 8 people.
550.00 rupiah are;
Include pick up from around Surabaya / Malang.
Include 1 night sleep at homestay.
Include jeep to go to Bromo.
Include 4 / 5 spot to visit in Bromo.
Include breakfast at homestay.
Include drop off to around Surabaya / Malang after finish the tour.

Until next post,

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