Sipping The Teatox

by - 3:16 PM

Teatox, What is it actually?
It's actually a tea tox that usually you sip to lose weight or so.

I tried one teatox before, back when I was still living in Melbourne, Australia. And boy, that does not run smooth as I don't follow the eating program or the so called clean eating. Hehe, it was hard for me to keep the clean eating while I have fully schedule in one day from college to work to organisation. What made it even harder is I worked in a restaurant that runs from 5 to 10 pm. So... I usually eat after work around 11 pm and ended up sleeping after that. Not quite healthy, I know.

Then weeks ago, I found that My friend has been trying this teatox called Skinnysip Tea, and I feel like I want to get it a try, again. And turns out it said, it made in Australia. It probably is the same thing that I tried years ago. Oh wow!

So I bought it and drink it for a week now, and it's good. I lost 1 kg already for a week because I follow mine with clean eating and go to the gym and swimming. The progress works slowly on me, because I told that many people lose weight sooner than me with this. I don't know why, but usually it's easy for me to lose weight once I keep balance of what I'm eating.

So... bottom line is, it quite good and right for me. Maybe you should try it too? Please be a smart lady and check the ingredient and ask many question to the seller before you buy if your are not sure.

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  1. Fotonya baguuus! Rasa tehnya gimana? Enak kah? :D

    1. Thank you!
      Rasa tehnya seperti teh pada umumnya aja sih gak ada yg beda, bisa diminum ditambahin dengan lemon atau madu sesuai selera :)